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Custom Cordage Wood

Others promise, we deliver.

At Custom Cordage, we've been providing the finest hardwoods in the Western New York region since 1988. Not only is our wood air-dried and heat-treated, it's also immaculately stacked and delivered to you with our custom-designed pallet with no mess involved. We're the only company to offer this service in the entire Niagara frontier; but that's not all:

Every piece of firewood processed at Custom Cordage is stacked on a company designed pallet holding 1 face cord of 12" firewood. This not only accomplishes the immediate ease of handling, but guarantees exact cordage amounts and allows for the perfect natural conditions necessary to dry wood properly.

We appreciate the opportunity to offer the unique products and services of Custom Cordage, inc. to you. Our processing and packaging facility, located in Machias, NY (ten miles east of Ellicottville) would like you to take a new look at quality firewood products and services now available.

Advantages of Custom Cordage

1. Dryness: The most common consumer worry is of no concern with Custom Cordage. Our wood is the driest available in WNY.

2. Cordage Amounts: Palletized or packaged for customer inspection.

3. Uniformity: Processed for the most uniform length & split available.

4. All Hardwoods: No punk! No junk! All units contain one of the following species: Beach, Maple, Oak, Hickory, Cherry or Birch.

5. Availability: Year round service.